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Nature grants us soil.
We grant you quality.
Where our hard work combines with nature’s blessings, there emerge the best agricultural commodities we promise you of. ABOUT US


About agrowell

Nature deserves nothing less than our premium-quality commodities in return.

We as Agrowell, embrace nature’s gifts and want to share them with the world. For this reason, we are in the international area, providing our high-quality products that are worthy of nature’s miracles.

Successful ventures are not based on luck and we have what it takes to be an outstanding agriculture company -a keen eye for sectoral developments, an innovative attitude, a global mindset, and total dedication.

Nature deserves nothing less than our premium-quality commodities in return.

Agrowell is simply ahead in the game with its vision, capabilities and international standards.


owned & operated

We would make nature proud with our crops of high standards.

  • We follow the global criteria of quality in order to provide you with the best crops possible.
  • We adopt innovative and superior agricultural techniques, breathing new life into agribusiness.
  • You receive the freshest products through the logistic and packaging terms we use.


We produce agricultural commodities of superior quality as a sign of gratitude we feel towards nature.


Our products come in packages for our customers to purchase safely knowing that they are fully protected.


We adapt all the procedures of the outward clearance during the export process.


We provide 11 delivery types found under INCOTERMS that our customers can choose among in accordance with their needs.


We are paying our gratitude to nature.

Given good soil and ideal climate of Turkey, we add value to nature’s wonders by constantly working on offering perfect products to people. We provide a wide range of apple varieties to meet the different needs of our customers.

We achieve the standards set by international authorities also with our pear crops. We test both our pears and apples in high technology labs in order to ship you only the superior quality products.

Smart Stretch Packaging

International Quality Standards

High Technology Agricultural Techniques

360-degrees Logistic Experience